Charity Activities

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Charity has been a cornerstone of KIBV’s activities. KIBV works hard to raise awareness and help from the community, organizes events and is expected to have one or two charity trips to Vietnam every quarter. The KIBV office has become a collection point to receive donated clothes. Since the program started, many people have come to offer their help and contributed the success of KIBV’s activities. Collecting clothes also reflects our environmental efforts as we try to extend the life-cycle of clothes whilst at the same time bringing people in need meaningful presents. Since its inception, KIBV has been organizing charity events in some poor villages of Vietnam on the occasions of international children’s day, mid-autumn festival and other events at orphanages and disability centres. Volunteers of KIBV try to raise funds among the community and by making recycled crafts. With a low budget but a big heart, KIBV and its volunteers try to make a difference in Vietnam – one school, one cleanup and one village at a time.



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