Restore and promote weaving villages

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Restore and promote weaving villages through sustainable production and development

In 2019, KIBV has been working on a pilot project at Lac Village-Mai Chau Hoa Binh with our vision to preserve, maintain and promote this traditional weaving village of Vietnam toward sustainable production and development (see link project)

By offering minority and underprivileged women & girls in the area a free access to training programs to improve their skill and knowledge in natural dyeing, hand weaving, sewing to apply into the production process of making traditional, handmade and sustainable weaving products at high quality and standard, KIBV’s goal is not only to increase their competitive advantages and secure a stable income but also to make positive environmental, humanitarian and cultural impacts among the community by promoting environmentally and social practices in Vietnam from producers to consumers. Through different activities such as workshops to show tourists and people the process of making fabric from raw material(raw cotton,silk threads), natural dyed to hand weaving on the looms, promotion trade events/programs in both domestic and international markets, KIBV has slowly brought the concept into reality and gained positive feedback as well as certain achievements. Once proof of pilot project has been demonstrated, the program will be expanded to other traditional villages in Vietnam in order to help maintain and promote these villages with a view of fostering sustainable production and development.



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