Keep It clean Vietnam

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Keep It clean Vietnam

This program aims to install trash bins in public and residential areas alongside with a nation-wide campaign to raise the awareness and change people’s attitude towards littering. The project among others also will be seeking to influence key decision-makers and advocate on enforcement efforts and court prosecutions that will help to curtail littering.


School “Waste, reduce and Recycle Waste” Exhibition and workshop”

This program focus on educating and raising awareness of young students from elementary to high-schools of enviromental and littering issues through various activities from photographs and recycled objects exhibitions relate to enviromental and littering issues anf solution to organize games, quiz, conversations… that focus on enviroment and littering topic. 


Trash Bin Corporate Program

Seeing the problem of Vietnam is the urgent need of trash bin equipped at crowd public area such as :, schools, bus station, markets, parks etc. KIBV aim to get more support and engagemeng of local and international business to show their responsibility to the community. Companies could participate in littering prevention projects by becoming KIBV’s sparring partners under its corporate programme. Among others companies could provide trash bins and commit a certain number of trash bins being sponsored or a certain public area covered with the trash bins installed.


Law Enforcement 

KIBV will liaise with Vietnam’s key government decision-makers in the National Assembly, relevant Ministries and provincial leaders in order to secure their support and assistance to formulate new policies and strengthen the legislations as well as enforcement efforts aimed at protecting the environment especially on littering issues.


Public Outreach

KIBV plans to organize awareness campaigns aiming at educating the public about the wastes problems and correct behaviour towards littering by encouraging the public to become actively involved in environmental protection activities. Through our regular pick up trashes organized within volunteer club or collaborate with other instutitions, KIBV strike to bring the messages to people in the areas where we have activities to raise their concern and awareness of the current problems that affect their daily life.



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