Educational institution including schools range from elementary to universities are important partners of KIBV in our education programs. Since inception in 2017, KIBV have partnered up with more than 50 school units in Hoa Binh and reach out to more than 50 thousand students at different ages from 6 to 23. Seeing the littering problem of Vietnam which come from the ignorance of people, many people have come to conclude that it has been a habit rooted into people’s mindset that won’t change easily. KIBV see the problem and aware the importance of young generation who are more sensitive and easier to be influenced. They could be therefore a new no litter generation of Vietnam with a much higher awareness and attitude towards littering as well as environment protection. KIBV therefore have strong believe in our educational system in school where we could teach the students about important topics relate to environment with a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle waste so they could help to save Vietnam and the world.

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