Environmental Education Project

School Exhibition and Workshops

One of KIBV’s weekly activities is organizing exhibitions and workshops in different schools in the Hòa Bình Province, ranging from elementary to high schools. During these workshops, important information on the environment is exchanged and littering issues are addressed, advising the young students on their important role in protecting the environment. Since its foundation in 2017, KIBV has visited about more than 50 schools throughout Northern Vietnam and introduced more than 50 thousand students to aspects of environmental protection as well as sustainability. The number of students involved in the awareness campaign is expected to grow rapidly with at least two exhibitions and workshops at schools being organized every week. The initial results have been very encouraging as demonstrated by the positive reaction and attitude change by the young students, their motivation to learn more about recycling and promise to dispose of trash properly as well as their commitment to reduce waste.

Anti-Littering Activities

In an effort to protect the environment, countless pick-up garbage events have been also coordinated and organized by volunteers from KIBV and increasingly also other local organizations and businesses’ engagement that make sustainability a part of their corporate identity. KIBV quickly has changed local people’s mind and behavior on a very important topic impacting their lives. In order to increase impact on a large scale, public competitions related to environmental topics have been held which attracted thousands of participants from both rural and metropolitan areas. As part of competitions such as the “Environment Messenger” or “Green Products”, many participants were drafting articles, producing videos or other contents on the subject. KIBV will continue to address and target the public, local as well as international businesses, local authorities and pursue measures to broadcast KIBV’s important mission. KIBV intends to gradually expand its project to different provinces and cities of Vietnam in the coming years.

Free English Classes

Education has always played an important role in KIBV’s mission, especially since environmental awareness is part of these educational programs. One of the most popular programs that KIBV has been organizing since 2017 are free English classes for children at different ages in Hoa Binh-a northern province of Viet Nam. KIBV has been recruiting international volunteers with teaching experience to deliver high quality English lessons that at the same time also addressed environmental issues. This was most welcomed and appreciated by the local schools and teachers who do not have enough resources and ability to give the children opportunities to learn English with native speakers. KIBV wants to support the young generation of Vietnam to help them improve their competitiveness in society. Besides learning English, children also learn about aspects of environmental issues and solutions such as pollution and recycling.


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