Education has always played an important role in KIBV’s mission, especially since environmental awareness is part of these educational programs. One of the most popular programs that KIBV has been organizing since 2017 are free English classes for poor children. KIBV has been recruiting international volunteers with teaching experience to deliver high quality English lessons that at the same time also addressed environmental issues.

This was most welcomed and appreciated by the local people who cannot afford their kids to go to English centres. KIBV wants to support the young generation of Vietnam to help them improve their competitiveness in society. Besides learning English, children also learn about aspects of environmental issues and solutions such as pollution and recycling.

In 2019, KIBV will be working on a project at Lac Village-Mai Chau Hoa Binh with its vision to preserve and maintain this traditional weaving village of Vietnam. By offering poor and disabled women in the area free accommodation and training classes to produce traditional, handmade and sustainable weaving products, KIBV tries to make a positive environmental, humanitarian and cultural impact. Once proof of concept has been demonstrated, the program will be expanded to other traditional villages in Vietnam in order to help maintain and promote these villages with a view of fostering sustainable production.

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