The support of local and international organizations is important to KIBV. Since inception, KIBV have received many supports from local organizations such as The Communist Youth Union in Vietnam who plays an essential part in supporting the government with many different activities relate to community services.

In the last 3 years, with the support and cooperation of Hoa Binh Communist Youth Union, KIBV has been able to organize many activities in Hoa Binh province such as : The monthly pick up trash event under the name “ Green Sunday” which have been carrying out through the last 3 years with the participation of a great number( 500-700) of young people from different departments and local units to clean up the Da river and other areas in Hoa Binh province.

We also work together to organize many competitions to raise awareness of the young people of environmental issues and encourage them to give solutions. Besides, many charity trips were also organized with the support of the Hoa Binh Youth Union so we could deliver the necessities to people in mountainous and minority areas.

In the next years, KIBV continues to work with The Communist Youth Union in the areas where we implement the project which is a crucial factor to secure our success and impacts.

Moreover, In the last 3 years, KIBV has also received a lot of support from local environmental clubs and organizations who were there for us in in many events as well as to help spread out the message on their media platforms.


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