Social Care

Social care has been a cornerstone of KIBV’s activities. KIBV works hard to raise attention and support from local and interntional community to join hands and help underprivileged people in minority and rural areas of Vietnam.

KIBV office has become a collection point to receive donated clothes, food etc. Since the program started, many local people have come to offer their help and contributed the success of KIBV’s activities. Collecting clothes also reflects our environmental efforts as we try to extend the life-cycle of clothes whilst at the same time bringing people in need meaningful presents.

Since its inception, KIBV has been organizing charity events in some poor villages of Vietnam on the occasions of international children’s day, mid-autumn festival and other events at orphanages and disability centres. Volunteers of KIBV try to raise funds among the community by making recycled crafts. With a low budget but a big heart, KIBV and its volunteers try to make a difference in Vietnam – one school, one cleanup and one village at a time.

Culture Promotion

Culture promotion has becoming one of the missions of KIBV in an effort to restore, preserve and promote the cultural values of Vietnam.One of KIBV’s recent project is to preserve and promote the traditional weaving villages in Mai Chau,Hoa Binh, Vietnam. The project aims to help women in these minority villages to gain expertise skills in not only weaving but also to get a deep knowledge and practice of sustainable production concept so they could improve their competitive advantages and livelihood.

Since 2019 KIBV has implemented our project with a variety of activities to support the minority women and promote their work to both domestic and international markets. Our team also work hard in finding solutions for a transparent and efficient sustainable approaches together with existed  core values from environmental and social that traditional weaving works can offer, we also focus on developing new designed and more applicable product ideas to improve the competitive advantages.

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